Latino Art Museum

MAY 2011


"Mellow Toons" 



             Artist Statement

Art marks place and occasion occupies as much time and space as we give it. The very making of a piece is a celebration of emotions a ritual of outpouring feelings and a state of being. In my new art work I am creating a world of surreal mythology with the zodiac signs as a theme and the structural bone of my project is the theoretical meaning of the symbolism of the zodiac signs. These signs are actually symbolic of life experiences. They involve every area of my life, family, friends, intimate relationships, philosophy, resources, career, hopes and wishes, etc. The horoscope is the interpretation of a method of how a person can continually try to reach their birth promised potentials in life. The twelve signs of the zodiac are arranged into four groups of three, and each group is associated with a particular element (fire, water, air or earth) and with a particular quality and gender.

My paintings are the interpretation of the zodiac signs, which is executed according to the traditional associations of the signs. In my work I try to convey with symbols, colors, and expressions a language of identity for the viewer. When people look at my work, I want them to enjoy, fill connected and to journey the painting through each figure and element in to the pictorial surreal world of the zodiac mythology.