Latino Art Museum

Pamela Diaz Martinez

Born in New Mexico, 1973

Lives and Works in Laguna Beach, CA

 Purveyors of Truth



 This work reflects my desire to escape a tumultuous period in my life through artificial means. The imagery chosen is representative of my attempts to lift myself off this earth. Wings designed for flight that would never get off the ground and stilts -- props that give the illusion of elevation with a limited reach -- are symbolic of ways in which I have tried to rise above the chaos and failed. The animals represented are visual interpretations of my inner self grounded by gravity. The ostrich, a flightless bird, a symbol of denial and the donkey, a beast of burden, represent the stubborn diligence in which I pursue my escape. While painting this series, I came to see myself as Queen Make-Believe, a name that refers to my childhood preoccupation with fantasy and tendency to accept illusion as reality. With every step toward Grace, the physical weight of the donkey is lightened and replaced with the transparent flightless bird.  By moving from a donkey to an ostrich mode of perception, have I made progress, or is it just another illusion?

 Magic Realism

 Magic realism began as an art and literature movement in the years following the First World War. It is a form of Realism that attempts to depict nature or contemporary life based on empirical observations, Magic Realism is never escapist or fantastical. As a reaction to the harsh physical realities of war, artists of the movementperceived the inner landscape they could feel as more accurate than the outer landscape they could see. There are valid truths that many people experience regularly, though not objectively.  

The Magic Realism perspective portrays Truth from a narrative perspective. Time, for example, is continuous,though it often has a spiral motion, seems to slow down, or even repeat itself. In this way, Magic Realism exposes truth as a universal understanding that can surpass scientific methodology. 

Magic Realism utilizes allusions to create layer upon layer of revelation. Through these means, a detailed and accurate landscape is depicted in these paintings. I posit to you that your invisible is visible, your emotions are tangible and your search for Truth is experiential. Once acknowledged, these indescribable mysteries can become as commonplace as a bicycle or as extraordinary as an ostrich.

The Purveyors of Truth represent human emotions in sharply focused realism, ultimately bringing to each viewer an invitation: To compassionately see the world through the artists’ vision, to believe in the magical as routine and the ordinary as miraculous.